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Come hear students in Biology, Art, History, Psychology, Criminology, Nursing, and Therapeutic Recreation classes present posters summarize their research at the Spring Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry on April 23rd.


Please visit the Blackwell Ballroom between 10:15 and 11:15 AM to hear about their diverse research projects. 


Students from Dr. Mark Fink's and Dr. Kelly Nelson's Art/Biology 395- Environmental Activism- Science and Art Converge class will present posters and artwork they created on various topics including:

- The Dangers of Balloons

- Climate Change Impacts

- The Evaluation of Single Use Plastics


Students from Dr. Virginia Beard's Criminology 461- Senior Seminar class will present various topics including:

- Impact of Race, Income, & Sex on the Frequency of Police Stops in a Public Area

- Views Toward Police Response: Age, Race, and Geographical Location

- The Effects of Population Density, Race, and Sex on Perception of Police Behavior During Contact


Students from Dr. David Coles' and Dr. Steven Isaac's History 461- Senior Seminar classes will present various topics including:

- The Influence of Jacksonian Democracy on the Art of Lilly Martin Spencer

- Differences in Policies Surrounding World War II and the Vietnam War

- Witchcraft in Scotland During the Renaissance

- The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire


Students from Dr. Sarai Blincoe's and Dr. Stephanie Buchert's Psychology 461- Senior Seminar classes will present various topics including:

- Technology Use and its Influence on Conformity

- The Effects of Cell Phones on Gameplay Enjoyment and Frustration

- The effects of perception of "breathable air" on stress

- Disgust and its Effects on Anticipation

- Do Aversive Stimuli Influence Consumer Behavior


Students in Prof. Theresa Kennon's and Dr. Pamela Crowder's Nursing 230- Fundamentals for Nursing Practice will present various topics including:

- Medical errors related to sleep deprivation and longer shift lengths

- Depression Screening in Adolescents

- Effects of Non-Pharmacological Interventions on Migraines

- The Effects of Music on Dementia Patients


Students from Dr. Adam Franssen's Biology 360- Developmental Biology class will present posters on various topics including:

- Critical period of asymmetrical wing development in overcrowded populations of Drosophilia

- Behavioral Responses of Drosophila melanogaster Reared in Varying Crowding and Sucrose Levels

- The relationship between Sucrose levels and Fruit fly symmetry


Students from Dr. Brandon Jackson's Biology 473- Comparative Biomechanics class will present posters on various topics including:

- Testing the escape performance of zebrafish in various age groups

- Biomechanics of Bird Tails in Flight


Dr. Susan Lynch's and Dr. Kristen Whitley's Therapeutic Recreation/HARK students will present various topics including:

- Effects of Adventure Therapy versus Support Groups on Emotional Stability for Veterans with PTSD Transitioning into civilian life

- Leisure Education and Psychoeducational Interventions used for adolescents with Self-harm Behaviors and Suicidal Ideations

- Aquatic Intervention for Children with Cerebral Palsy: The overlooked domain

- Improving Quality of Life for Older Adults with Arthritis


and more! Please stop by to hear about the students' research.

Spring 2019 Posters 1015 to 1115