Present your research and creative inquiry projects at the virtual Spring Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry 2021

This event is open to all students (both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome) and all majors who are engaging in research and creative inquiry. Students doing independent study projects, research projects, and class research projects are invited to participate. Posters, oral presentations, performances, visual displays, electronic presentations, and other presentations of creative work will be showcased virtually.

The registration deadline for presentation at the Spring Student Showcase is March 19, 2021 at 5pm

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We will use the ForagerOne Symposium platform to display the Spring Student Showcase presentations. This platform is an easy-to-use virtual forum to share students projects. Through ForagerOne, students will be able to post presentation files and pre-recorded videos, participate in live presentation sessions, and respond to comments. Students also will be able to submit their presentations directly to our ForagerOne Symposium site once it is posted. More information regarding file formats will be provided soon.


We will provide virtual asynchronous and synchronous options for the Spring Student Showcase. We hope that this will provide flexibility by allowing prerecorded presentations or live presentations. 

- For Asynchronous student presentations, students will pre-record their presentations and post them on the ForagerOne Symposium site. Recordings for poster presentations should be approximately 5 minutes long. Recordings for oral presentations can be any length of time. The asynchronous presentations will be available virtually starting on Wednesday April 14, 2021 and students will respond to comments and questions during a live Q&A session on Wednesday April 14 and will continue to do so through Wednesday April 21, 2021. 

Synchronous student presentations will be hosted through Zoom and will be live on April 14. These presentations can be any length of time however students will need to indicate the time needed in the registration site for program planning purposes.


Furthermore, the ForagerOne Symposium platform allows us to host the Spring Showcase both as a private and public event.

-   Private option: The asynchronous student presentations will be available virtually starting on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 through Wednesday, April 21, 2021. During these dates (April 14-April 21), the presentations will only be viewable by people with a Longwood affiliation, thus keeping the event private to the Longwood community only.  Students who wish to not make their presentations public will have their presentations and all associated comments removed from the ForagerOne site on April 21 at 5:00pm.

-   Public option: On Wednesday, April 21 at 5:00pm we will open the event to the general public. The student presentations will remain posted on the Spring Student Showcase 2021 site after April 21 and will remain viewable by the general public.


We also have the registration link posted on the Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry website.


Please direct any inquiries about the Student Showcase to Amorette Barber (

We will share more information about recording the presentations and how to submit the presentation files later in the semester.