VCCS & RBC Articulation Agreements

In compliance with the State Policy on Transfer, if you earn an Associate of Arts, an Associate of Science or an Associate of Arts and Science Degree from one of the Maryland or Virginia community colleges or Richard Bland College, prior to attending Longwood, and are accepted to Longwood, you will enter with junior class standing and all Lower Division General Education Goals will be met. In addition, Longwood allows all of your courses taken for that degree to transfer (including D grades unless restrictions apply for native students).

However, it may take you longer than two years to graduate from Longwood if you enroll in a tightly structured program. You must meet degree and major requirements, except where those requirements might have been earned as a part of the two-year college curriculum.

The State Committee on Transfer and Longwood recognize General Studies degrees from the following institutions: DSLCC, GCC, LFCC, MECC, PHCC, PVCC, SVCC, VWCC and WCC. Longwood also recognizes most other General Studies degrees from other community colleges if Math 146 or higher is successfully completed along with other degree requirements.

Please note: A transfer student is defined as a studet entering the institution for the first time, but known to have previously attended a post-secondary institution the fall semester after high school graduation and beyond.