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Center for Cyber Security

Cyber Security

A National Center for Digital Forensics Academic Excellence

It has been said that the third world war will be fought in Cyberspace. That war is not "going" to be fought; it is being fought, and at Longwood, we believe in preparing students with cutting-edge classes and hands-on experience to help fill the growing need for educated professionals.

Through the Longwood Center for Cyber Security, students:

  • Have access to internships and jobs in the rapidly growing fields of Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics.
  • Obtain a Department of Defense-recognized skill set and awareness of current issues facing digital forensics investigators and examiners.
  • Receive practical, hands-on experience through the Center’s state-of-the-art lab.
  • Learn from and conduct research with internationally known Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics experts.

See the Cyber Security Center's full mission statement here (pdf)

The Longwood Center for Cyber Security has earned the designation – a National Center for Digital Forensics Academic Excellence (CDFAE)

For more information, contact the Longwood Center for Cyber Security at cybersecurity@longwood.edu or at 434-395-2711.


Cyber Security Students are Prepared for Careers!

  • Matt Bogar ’07 – CGI Federal – "My Longwood degree helped me get ahead where others with lesser training hit ‘the glass ceiling’."
  • Karen Nettleton ’07 – Digital Evidence Section, Virginia Beach Police Department – "Dr. Dardick provided us with real-life examples – and that’s what you remember down the road."
  • Cyber Security Center Students Prepared for Bright Futures

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