In the College of Business and Economics, you’ll join a supportive learning community that brings spirit, knowledge, and integrity to business and society.

Our faculty and staff help you learn the practical parts of Business and encourage hands-on experiences, discovery, and partnerships across your University experience.

By creating transformative experiences we help our Lancers build:

  • Humility (We are aware of our strengths and honest about our limitations)
  • Optimism (We believe in our ability to contribute to human progress)
  • Civility (We treat everyone with respect and consideration)
  • Collaboration (We work together to achieve more)
  • Critical Reasoning (We objectively consider evidence to inform our decision making)
  • IM@GINATIO(Just imagine…)
  • Integrity (We honor our commitments and are honest in our actions)
  • Persistence (We learn from our failures and keep working toward our goals)
  • Sustainability (We consider the long-term impact of our actions and do no harm)
  • Balance (Life requires a balance among conflicting values and goals)