Headshot of Plichta-Keller, recipient of the 2020-2021 SNVC MBA Scholarship
Headshot of Plichta-Keller, recipient of the 2020-2021 SNVC MBA Scholarship

Congratulations to Jesse Plichta-Kellar, the recipient of the SNVC 2020-2021 MBA Scholarship!

Jesse enters Longwood’s MBA program having demonstrated leadership skills in numerous ways as an undergraduate student.  During her undergraduate years at Longwood she was on the Executive Board of eight organizations, and was involved with the creation of two of these, the Jewish Culture Club and the Lego Club.  She was on the news staff of the Rotunda for two years, and served as Editor for one year.  She volunteered as a tutor and served as a mentor to local Farmville youth with Beyond The Numbers.

Unable to return to Florida to share the Jewish Sedar meal with her family, she was inspired to have a Sedar meal on campus.  This served as the impetus to form the Jewish Culture Club. The Club has served to provide cultural education as well provide entertainment.  Under Jesse’s leadership, the club has collaborated with other cultural groups on campus to hold events.  This “Win-Win” action resulted with the groups holding an event that was recognized with the award, The 2020 Social Justice Program of the Year.    As a Transition person, Jesse’s leadership impacted many others besides herself in positive ways.   Her skills to be able to join people from different and diverse backgrounds created Synergy, the dynamic ability to achieve much more together then alone.

Jesse writes that, “through my work with the Jewish Culture Club, I was able to connect to other student leaders and help push for bigger campus changes, including an intercultural center and better communication to students from administrators.”  The importance of this type of communication is the basis of Habit 4 (Think Win-Win) and Habit 5 (Seek First to Understand then to be Understood). 

Jesse demonstrated the concepts of The 7 Habits training of “Teach to Learn” when she mentored fellow students in leadership development as they sought to form their own campus organization, the Lego Club.  As Jesse moves on from being a Longwood Undergraduate to a Longwood MBA Graduate student, not only will her legacy continue, but her skills will most definitely enhance her future career beyond Longwood. 

Congratulations on past achievements and future ones to come!