Personal Finance 150 is a dual enrollment course for high school students that satisfies Virginia High School requirements while earning college credit, giving students a jump start on their university career.

Taught online for maximum flexibility and accessibility for students, Personal Finance 150 is the smart choice for students and families.

Value: The course, as we like to say, is a lesson in personal finance itself. At just $415 to complete the course, students save an average of more than $2,000 they would spend at a university for the same class. Enrolling is a no-brainer.

Flexibility: The three college credits earned are transferable to any college accredited by the AACSB--more than 800 universities nationwide. As a bonus, if you enroll at Longwood, you are awarded another three credits--earning you and your family even more savings.

Track-record of success: Our students have an incredible 98% first-time pass rate on the W!SE Certification--the test you must pass to earn your high school credits.

Availability: With 29 school systems participating in our dual enrollment program, Longwood’s program is available to tens of thousands of Virginia high schoolers.
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