Jump start your university career and financial freedom!

Designed to lead you to a successful independent financial life, Economics and Personal Finance 150 is a dual enrollment course for high school students that earns college credit and will satisfy Virginia High School requirements.

You'll develop a better understanding of the skills and tools you need to:

  • Save money
  • Build good credit
  • Avoid bad credit
  • Manage a loan

Course Offerings

Offered four times annually, the Dual Enrollment for Economics and Personal Finance course is available online for maximum flexibility and accessibility for high school students.

Take the Condensed, Four-Week Course or the Standard, 15 Week Course.

Condensed, Four-Week Courses

  • Summer Session: July-August
  • Winter session: December-January

Standard, 15-Week Courses

  • Fall Semester: August - December
  • Spring Semester: January - April