One major, many combinations. Longwood University College of Business and Economics is an accredited member of AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This degree provides you with a broad knowledge base, refined to your specific interests. 

By graduation, you'll be prepared to compete with the best for full-time employment or graduate school.

Our students must be formally admitted to the College of Business & Economics before they may declare a Business Administration or Economics major or minor, or register for upper division business and economics courses. 

Career Path

Follow the money... no, really. Longwood Business Administration alumni enjoy careers as:

  • Financial analysts
  • Public accountants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Cyber security analysts
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Logistics management specialists

What You'll Study

Business Administration

You'll follow a general course of business study that includes taking core courses in the functional areas of business and get in-depth business knowledge by concentrating in one of these areas of business:

Business Administration Minors


Prepare for the professional arena as an accountant in industry, government, or public practice. You'll develop analytical, communication, and information system skills to succeed in an ever-changing business environment. You'll also meet the requirements to take the Virginia Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. To earn the required 150 credits to be a licensed CPA, take advantage of our five-year plan by earning your Master of Business Administration in just one extra year.

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Economics (Business Administration)

Economic logic underlies all business decisions and government policies. Learn how to think critically about a situation and analyze its implications in important consumer, business, government, and international situations. Career opportunities are plentiful, as economists are hired in most industries, including state and federal government, banking, financial services, healthcare, environmental, energy, defense contracting, to name a few.

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Prepare for a lucrative career managing financial activities for businesses and clients. You'll explore the theory and practice of managing financial aspects of businesses and organizations, including capital budgeting, investments, capital markets, financial institutions, and emerging financial instruments. You’ll also get hands-on investing experience managing a $500,000 portfolio of investments of as a member of the Lancer Student Investment Fund.

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Information Systems and Cyber Security (ISCS)

In today's modern, digitally connected, mobile, and global environment, protecting information and infrastructure is essential. Here you'll plan, design, engineer, and implement secure networks and information systems. Longwood’s Center for Cyber Security will provide you with practical, hands-on experience through the Center’s state-of-the-art lab. You will learn from and conduct research with information systems and cyber security experts. Both faculty and executives working in cyber security will empower your career in this exciting high-paid technology field.

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Managers solve problems and create value for society by leveraging the power of diverse individuals and teams and building effective organizations. As a management student, you will begin by learning the foundational management principles of planning, motivating, controlling, and leading. You will then build on those fundamentals and practice analyzing organizations, industries, and economies and crafting strategies that drive individual, team and organizational performance

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The primary objective of every business operation is to market its products or services profitably in the global marketplace. You'll learn the theory behind successful marketing strategies and get hands-on experience through real-world projects such as new product development, market research and promotion strategy. Enter the workforce prepared for managerial positions in advertising, buying, selling, logistics, product management, international marketing, and marketing research.

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Real Estate

Study with the best. Our real estate faculty is ranked in the top twenty worldwide by the The Journal of Real Estate Literature. Our real estate coursework has been approved by the state of Virginia as preparation for the licensure exams. As a result, you will be qualified to work in real estate investment and development, mortgage banking, property management, sales, and appraisal.

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Supply Chain Management Endorsement

Stand out in the competitive job market with an endorsement in supply chain management.

Do you wear Nike shoes, an UnderArmour shirt or send text messages on your Apple iPhone? Do you ever think about where those products are made and how they find their way to you? There is a long list of activities involved to bring those products to you and other customers. In fact, the typical global supply chain will include as many as 25 different organizations from start to finish. Coordinating the production and delivery of those products is called supply chain management. Job openings in the supply chain field are expected to grow by 10% to 20% over the next ten years.

In fact, the typical global supply chain will include as many as 25 different organizations from start to finish. Coordinating the production and delivery of those products is called supply chain management. Job openings in the supply chain field are expected to grow by 10% to 20% over the next ten years.

You'll take Operations Management (MANG 363) and Supply Chain Management (MANG 385) and pick two courses from the following:

    • FINA 351 – Risk Management
    • MANG 364 - Negotiations and Conflict Management
    • MANG 463 - Project Management
    • MANG 469 – Entrepreneurship
    • MANG 495 – Special Topics (requires advance approval)
    • MARK 481- International Business

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Discover in- depth core business knowledge, integrated concepts across disciplines and problem-solving techniques in courses that include

    • Principles of Accounting
    • Legal Environment
    • Business Communication
    • Business Strategy

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Both of these minors are designed to give you flexibility in selecting the business courses that fit your needs and help you achieve your career goals.

Business Administration Minor

Cyber Security, Forensics, and Policy Minor

Business Administration

Business makes the world go round; no matter what your major, a business minor will help you achieve your career aspirations. To complete this minor, you have the flexibility to select the six business courses that fit your interests and help you achieve your career goals.

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Cyber Security, Forensics, and Policy

Cyber security skills are in high demand. No matter what your major is, or what field you will work in after college, a minor in Cyber Security will make you more valuable to an employer. Learn about password protection, malware detection, and how to defend against cyber hacking. In this interdisciplinary minor, you'll take six courses in Information Systems and Cyber Security, Computer Science, Criminology, and Criminal Justice. Learn the basics of 21st-century technology skills and position yourself for career success in any field.

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Military Science and Leadership

The objective of the military science and leadership program is to provide the leadership and management foundation required for military service as a commissioned officer or in a civilian counterpart position. In support of this objective the program includes classroom instruction and activities geared to the development of leadership skills.

Military Science and Leadership classes may be taken by all University students.

ATCC-DDV-AUR Military History Course List 

  • HIST 323: American Military History
  • HIST 362: The Vietnam War (By Exception Only)
  • HIST 363: World War II (By Exception Only) 
  • HIST 364: The American Revolutionary Era (By Exception Only) 

Class enrollment in the 100 and 200-level Military Leadership classes carry no U.S. Army commitment, and there is no obligation to enroll for successive course offerings.

College and/or commissioning credit may be awarded for prior military service, attendance at the ROTC Leader’s Training Course, or Junior ROTC participation.

International students desiring to attend Military Science and Leadership classes must have written approval from their respective embassies prior to taking classes.