Picture of Scholarship recipient McConnell
Picture of Scholarship recipient McConnell

Another initial goal of the SNVC Institute for Leadership and Innovation has been achieved!  We are pleased to announce that Amelia has been selected as the first recipient of the SNVC Undergraduate Scholarship.

Amelia was selected as she is a true leader and has taken action to create change that has impacted not only Longwood University, but the surrounding community, and the future of many lives.  She has been committed to community service and is an example of a citizen leader.

One of Amelia’s (many) impressive roles is as a key player with the development and implementation of an outreach program called, “Beyond the Numbers Club”.  This program provides a means to connect Longwood students with local youth to help with academics as well as to mentor in good character and lifestyle.  Over 50 youths and 30 volunteers have benefitted.  The residual impact from these interactions will certainly carry over to families and community.

Beyond the Numbers Club is one of many examples of Amelia’s leadership abilities.  She has been active in FACES, Boys and Girls Club of America, Church activities, athletics, and served as a LU Ambassador. She has also shared her talents with pro bono graphic design work to various organizations.

Although participation in “The 7 Habits” training is not a requirement for this scholarship, her actions speak volumes in the practice of program principles.  She has demonstrated each Habit as shared below

Habit 1:  Be Proactive
While in a McDonald’s restaurant, Amelia heard local youths talking and recognized that there was a need to provide an alternative to “hanging out”.  She and two fellow students decided to initiate such an alternative.

Habit 2:  Begin with the End in Mind
Amelia wanted to create a community service program to allow Longwood Students the opportunity to demonstrate citizen leadership. The goal for the program is to “provide youth in the area with an opportunity to engage with Longwood students in order to develop academic success, good character and citizenship, and a healthy lifestyle.” She is planning so that the program continues even after she graduates from Longwood. 

Habit 3:  Put 1st Things 1st           
Amelia knew that multiple things needed to happen that included multiple people.  The program needed to be approved as a Longwood Club; volunteers needed to be recruited; contact made with the local school system and churches; and logistics needed to be addressed, including meeting times and locations and background checks, among other items.

Habit 4:  Seek 1st to Understand, then to be Understood                           
In order for this program to be successful (which it has), a critical skill was to identify not only the need, but to truly understand what was happening in the mind of the students to be mentored.  Seeking first to understand what the child thinks and feels is vital to receptiveness and change of behavior.

Habit 5:  Think Win-Win            
The intrinsic rewards are priceless for all involved with the mentoring process.  The program reflects positively on the mission of Longwood University, the community benefits by having academic and character growth, and future careers may flourish.

Habit 6: Synergize         
Beyond the Numbers has volunteers from all majors, and this permits a full integration of skills that come from many diverse individuals and their areas of expertise and interests. 

Habit 7:  Sharpen the Saw    
With so many activities, Amelia is a continuous learner.  Her activities energize social relationships, and her endeavors speak to helping others in their personal growth.  This summer she traveled with her family on a well-deserved vacation!

We are proud to grant this scholarship to Amelia, proud of her positive impact on the children of our community, and proud that she is and always will be a Longwood Lancer.

This is the first year that the SNVC Institute has granted the Undergraduate Scholarship; however, we need to recognize that our sponsoring firm, SNVC, L.C., has given the SNVC Leadership Award to a deserving CBE graduating senior each year since 2010. 

Over 650 individuals have participated and completed “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” through the SNVC Institute.  In addition to this, since 2010, Business School freshmen have received exposure to “The 7 Habits” through LSEM and through a credit class, MANG 260.   Additionally, MBA students receive the training at the annual residency.