head shot of Sarah Kuzniewski, SNVC Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.
head shot of Sarah Kuzniewski, SNVC Undergraduate Scholarship recipient.

These are words that were used by professors to describe Sarah Kuzniewski, the 2021-2022 Recipient of the SNVC Undergraduate Scholarship.  Upon reading her essay it is clear to see why these adjectives are appropriate.

Throughout every activity and leadership role she has assumed, what shines through is that Sarah has a self-awareness and confidence that aids in her desire to help others achieve the same. 

Some of the roles that Sarah has held as a “Transition Person” include serving as an Economics Tutor, a Head Resident Assistant, and a Digital Education Collaborative (DEC) assistant.  In each of these roles it is critical to have sharp communication skills.  Each role requires a person who has good listening skills and can truly understand another’s situation (the goal of Habit 5: Seek First to Understand), the ability to interpret needs and desires of another, and the skills to seek a “Win-Win” outcome (Habit 4).

She has also demonstrated leadership abilities in more fun ways.  She has been the Vice President of the Asian Student Involvement Association, Chancellor of Delta Sigma Pi, and Social Chair of the Cyber Security Club.

Sarah’s actions have and will continue to have an impact on her fellow students and on Longwood University.  A goal stated in her essay is that she plans to continue leadership roles during her time at Longwood University so that her efforts have an everlasting impact.  Undoubtedly, she will achieve this goal!