headshot of Danielle Milam, the 2020-2021 recipient of the Undergraduate SNVC Scholarship.
headshot of Danielle Milam, the 2020-2021 recipient of the Undergraduate SNVC Scholarship.

Daniele Milam, majoring in History, is certainly a Citizen Leader in Action.  We are pleased to have selected her as the Undergraduate Recipient of the SNVC Scholarship.

She has an impressive background of demonstrating that many helping hands produce invaluable results.  Daniele has been “hands on” as a volunteer in numerous organizations and ways to improve the lives of others in very impactful and lasting ways.  She has served in volunteer roles to help others better their futures.  Her life personifies the adage “Give someone a fish, give them a meal.  Teach someone to fish, give them a future.”

Some of her volunteer roles include participation with The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, Wreaths Across America, South Elementary School Book Buddies, Prince George 4H, The Girl Scouts, Goodwill, Ronald McDonald House, and the Ft. Lee military community holiday events. 

Synergy, Habit 6, is something she understands as she wrote, “I have learned and observed first-hand how we can all do a little to create a big impact on others and on our respective communities.”  This approach validates The 7 Habits concept that one plus one can equal much more than two when working together with Synergy. 

Daniele has reflected on her personal efforts and their impact on others and society.  Her essay commented on how each of her areas of involvement has impacted her personally and the benefits to the recipients.  Her deeds have not gone without notice as she has received awards from sponsoring organizations, including The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest achievement award granted by the Girl Scouts. 

Not every volunteer activity has resulted in an award, but Daniele knows and has the self satisfaction of personal growth, character development, and how to be a change agent.  She is what we refer to in The 7 Habits training as a Transition Person. 

Daniele’s history encompasses many principles of The 7 Habits training in action.  Her opening essay sentence is, “I believe a citizen leader should possess moral character and be willing to contribute forward making their community and the world a better place.”  

Well Stated!  Well Lived!  Well Done!