Congratulations to Jadeanne Marie Jones for becoming the recipient of the 2023-2024 MBA Scholarship from the SNVC Institute.  Jadeanne has demonstrated leadership skills in many of her current and past career positions while diligent in her academic studies to maintain a high GPA and honors.

It is clear that Jadeanne has a passion for helping troubled youth who have experienced challenges in their lives that resulted in actions with less-than-desirable outcomes.   She began her studies in the paralegal field and had an internship with the Judicial District Attorney in Colorado.  She continued involvement post-internship in a volunteer capacity, finding fulfillment in her interactions.  

Following this experience, she worked at a youth detention center to develop a curriculum for a new school to create and implement effective operational processes. 

While coordinating a task force to develop and train staff she demonstrated skills to allow new staff means to realize and enhance their own leadership skills.  This strong leadership skill is an example of Habit 6:  Synergy, from “The 7 Habits of Higher Effective People” training offered through the SNVC Institute.  The impact of this skill permits accelerated results.  Synergy is the ability to produce greater results by working together rather than alone.  The measure of a true leader is one who acknowledges and helps to develop the unique skills of another individual. Jadeanne possesses this leadership characteristic.

Her role as Director Assistant in this position required the application of strong financial and administrative skills which is a crucial and core component of the MGA program.  Practical application, combined with the academic knowledge obtained through the Longwood MBA degree will truly enhance her value and positively impact her career.  We commend Jadeanne on her dedication and are pleased that she has been awarded this scholarship.