Our tradition of educating citizen-leaders is rooted in Longwood’s signature Civitae Core Curriculum, where civic issues are explored and uncovered, and propelled by a teaching-focused faculty committed to student success and empowerment.


We take pride in our small-school status. Maybe that's why we're one of the Top 10 Public Schools in the South (2019, U.S. News & World Report.)

Graduate Programs

More than 500 graduate students take their classes online, on-campus, full- or part-time.

Continuing Education

Take for-credit and non-credit professional courses to start your degree in high school, finish it later in life or just to learn something new.

Anchored by our Civitae Core Curriculum, Longwood’s academic programs are rooted in the liberal arts while preparing students for the skills employers say they value most--critical thinking, writing and speaking, and creative problem-solving. With more than 100 majors, minors, and concentrations, students can explore a wide variety of career paths while becoming a citizen leader prepared to work toward the common good. 

The Civitae Core Curriculum is more than the foundation of a Longwood education, it is the way we teach. Students are encouraged to explore civic issues as they become citizen leaders who think about the world in a deeper, more complex way.

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