Teachers for Tomorrow (TfT) is a statewide program of the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) designed to encourage and support high-school students interested in careers in teaching.

Longwood University has expanded its collaborative work with school divisions throughout Virginia to help support the development and growth of their TfT programs.

Why is Longwood’s Teachers for Tomorrow program unique?

Longwood’s TfT program supports school divisions in the development of a two-year program for high-school juniors and seniors interested in entering the teaching field.

Teachers receive training and curricular materials for the high-school junior level TfT I course, which is designed to prepare secondary students for a dual-enrollment education course offered to seniors through participating institutions within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). This senior-level course is a required course for all areas of teacher licensure, enabling students to complete education coursework along with other dual-enrollment offerings while still in high school.

Program highlights

By enrolling in Teachers for Tomorrow courses, high-school juniors gain a valuable insight on something with which they are already quite familiar, namely American schools.

Additional learning opportunities include

  • Examining the historical roots of American Education
  • Observing and work in practicum experiences set in authentic classrooms
  • Developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the work of teachers and other school professionals
  • Collaborating with teachers and with other students to meet the learning needs of younger students
  • Reflecting upon the importance of committed teachers to maintaining educational excellence
  • Learning about career opportunities in education and paths to teacher licensure
  • Receiving information on scholarships and other forms of financial support available to teacher candidates