Longwood has a long and rich history of training the best educators and counselors. Learn to lead and change the lives of others through education and service.

Undergraduate students have the option of majoring in the following areas:

  • Elementary Education and Teaching
  • Elementary and Middle Education and Teaching
  • Liberal Studies with a concentration in Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education for those transferring in with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Early Childhood Development

Graduate students have the option of completing a master’s degree in the following areas:

  • Counselor Education, M.S.
  • Education, M.S.; Educational Leadership Concentration
  • Education, M.S.; Health & Physical Education Concentration
  • Education, M.S.; Special Education Concentration
  • Reading Literacy & Learning, M.Ed.
  • School Librarianship, M.Ed.

Join us and begin shaping the future by starting yours here.