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Education & Special Education

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Dr. Peggy Tarpley Dr. Tarpley, Chair

We in the department of Education and Special Education are confident that you will find what you need here to pursue your professional dreams of working with children and adults.

Those of you wishing to teach in the schools will find a program that blends content knowledge with educational pedagogy.

At the undergraduate level, teacher candidates interact with faculty from the Arts & Sciences to gain the content knowledge required for Virginia's Standards of Learning and with Education faculty for the "best practices" and innovative methods for teaching the content at the elementary and middle school, and for those students with special needs.

Those wishing to teach at the secondary level also benefit from instruction in research-based practice. Students have numerous experiences in the public school classroom beginning in the freshman year and culminating in a semester-long student teaching placement. Longwood University has a long and rich history of training the best teachers!

I can say without fear of contradiction that our faculty members are Master Teachers who enjoy their part in developing teachers and professionals who make a difference in the lives of those they touch. I encourage you to consider one of the areas described here for your career. We stand ready to answer questions about our courses and programs and to advise you about opportunities and options you may have along the way.

Dr. Peggy Tarpley, Chair


The Department of Education and Special Education offers:

  • education coursework and experience for students who wish to be elementary education (PK - 6) teachers. Liberal Studies Elementary is the required major.
  • education coursework and experience for students who wish to be middle education (6 - 8) teachers. Liberal Studies Middle is the required major.
  • A five-year pathway in special education with licensure in special education general curriculum K-12. Students must major in Liberal Studies and register for courses in the special education program. Students completing the undergraduate course work will receive a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies and upon the completion of the fifth year will receive a master's degree in education with a concentration in special education general curriculum K-12. Students must complete the fifth year to be endorsed to teach special education.
  • A Master of Science in Education degree with concentrations in Counselor Education, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist in Algebra & Middle School Mathematics or Elementary & Middle School Mathematics or Music or Spanish or Special Education General Curriculum, Educational Leadership, Health & Physical Education, Literacy & Culture, School Library Media, and Initial Licensure concentrations in Elementary Education PreK-6, Spanish or ESL PreK-12, School Library Media PreK-12, and Special Education General Curriculum K-12.
  • Graduate professional endorsement programs in Educational Leadership, Literacy & Culture/Reading Specialist, School Library Media, and Special Education General Curriculum.
  • Graduate certificate programs in Autism Spectrum Disorders and 21st Century Learning & Leadership.
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