Increase your skills and marketability by earning a master’s degree in Education (Health and Physical Education). Our fully online program can be completed in one year of full-time study or two years of part-time enrollment. Our program is ideal for the working adult or those interested in advancing their careers without wanting to travel or having on-campus requirements.

Your Schedule, Your Pace

All of your courses are online, so you can structure the program to fit your schedule. If you're seeking professional development you may take classes at your own pace. 

Classes are offered throughout the year, including summer, fall, and spring.


Students complete a five-credit community health internship in a school or community setting of your choice, and in your specific area of interest. You can stay where you are and complete a local internship while offering opportunities for children and adults in your community. 

  • Community Health
  • Health Education
  • Physical Education
  • Adapted Physical Education

In addition, you will work with a school or community agency and submit a grant proposal to fund a community/school initiative that will positively impact health and wellness.


Graduates of the program meet current eligibility requirements for the Virginia Postgraduate Professional License. Those who elect to pursue the adapted P.E. internship will meet all requirements to register for the national examination to become a Certified Adapted P.E. Specialist. If you complete the community health internship you will be eligible to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam.

Career Paths

  • Teaching in K-12 schools
  • Coaching and/or teaching at the college level
  • Working with community health organizations, non-profit agencies and health coalitions
  • Managing city/county Parks and Recreation departments
  • Serving as a health advocate
  • Teaching adaptive physical education



Courses & Requirements

Coursework focuses on current trends in health and physical education and effectively utilizes field research. 

  • Track A (already licensed Health & P.E. Teachers): 33 credits 
  • Track B (licensed in a discipline other than Health & P.E.): (Must take HPEP 501 Principles of Teaching P.E. & HLTH 501 Core Content in Health Education as electives)

*If you are seeking licensure with an HPE master’s degree, contact the program coordinator directly to discuss an individualized plan and timeline for completion.

Summer I 

  • HPEP 564, Adapted P.E. 
  • EDUC 671, Supervision Eval Program

Summer II

  • HLTH 575 Community Health Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation (Track A Elective for Community Health Internship)
  • EDUC 502 Research Design

Track B Electives 

  • HPEP 501 Principles of Teaching P.E.
  • HLTH 501 Core content in Health Education

Fall Semester

HPEP 530 Curriculum & Instruction in P.E. 
HLTH 525 Curriculum & Instruction in Health Ed.
EDUC 571 Foundations of Instruction and Learning Theory 

Spring Semester

HPEP 520 Developing Leadership Skills in Health & P.E. 
HPEP 504 Principles of Coaching
HLTH 691- Professional Portfolio (online, end of program requirement)

Choose one:

  • HLTH 684- Community Health Internship (flexible, can be set up at current place of employment or hometown) (*Must take HLTH 575 as elective)
  • HLTH 683- Internship in Health Education
  • HPEP 681- Internship in P.E.
  • HPEP 682- Internship in Adapted P.E. (*Must take HPEP 534 as elective instead of HLTH 575)

Application Procedures & Deadlines

Fall: Deadline July 20
Spring: Deadline November 15
Summer: Deadline April 20

These are suggested application submission dates. We will continue to accept applications until the program is full.
Want to check if the program is full? Email us,

Costs & Financial Aid

Program Requirements

Prior to registration, students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regarding course selection and sequence, career goals and relevant academic policies.