What Our Alumni Say

“Longwood’s master’s program in health and physical education is very flexible and allowed me to work two part-time positions – one as a health and PE teacher and another as a driver’s education teacher – while enrolled in the program. These experiences, combined with completing my master’s degree, led me to earn a full-time teaching position for the next school year”

Wil Miles ’16, M.S. ‘17

 “I was fortunate to complete my undergrad and graduate degrees at Longwood. The professors went above and beyond to meet our needs as students. They were innovative in their teaching, and provided us with real world experience from the beginning of the program to the end. The program not only deepened my education as a teacher, but also prepared me with leadership skills in health and physical education and coaching."  

Maggie Roberts ’14, M.S. ‘15
Prince George High School

Employment Outlook

As of 2017, Health and Physical education ranks ninth on Virginia’s critical shortage list for teachers.  One hundred percent of students who graduate from our program obtain full-time employment.  In addition, our graduates report earning $3,000-7,000 more annually as a result of obtaining the master’s degree as compared to their bachelor’s-only degree counterparts.  

Other benefits include

  • eligibility to teach and coach at the college level
  • compliance with certain states that require a master’s degree to teach
  • preparation for future doctoral programs
  • experience working in a variety of health settings such as coalitions, health departments, and nonprofit organizations