• Summer Update

    As we exhale briefly post-graduation and look ahead to the summer and this fall, I wanted to touch base again with a word of thanks, and also a budget and financial update, which I hope will provide some context and expectations for the coming year.

  • End of Exam Week Message

    Congratulations on the end of exams. It has been a joy seeing you around campus this week celebrating as you wrap up your academic work, posing for pictures in regalia, and enjoying spring on our beautiful campus.

  • Spring Update

    The rituals of spring always keep us busy this time of year -- classes approaching culmination; course registration; the end-of-year frenzy of student activities; concerts and performances; and prospective new Lancers for the Class of 2028 visiting c

  • Season's Greetings

    With the approach of the holidays our thoughts are turning to celebration, time with family, and a break from the daily work of university life.

  • Semester update

    As the semester moves into full gear, you may have seen in the news over the holiday weekend that the General Assembly is nearing agreement on the state budget.

  • New Year's Welcome

    It is wonderful to be in gear for the start of the upcoming semester, and to see students returning to campus.

  • Mid-summer message, and Longwood's commitment to diversity

    At the approximate midpoint of summer, I just wanted to touch base with brief words of thanks.

  • Spring Update

    As we approach the final weeks of the semester, I wanted to touch base with a few updates and, as always, words of thanks. Campus is especially beautiful, and the vitality of student and academic life has been especially powerful this spring.

  • Seasons Greetings

    In this especially busy and full stretch on campus in the classroom and beyond – holiday traditions, end-of-semester projects, and now the final push through exam week (and the joys of grading) – I write to convey good wishes and a bit of happy news.

  • Semester Update

    Yesterday marked the fall meeting of the University Planning Council, and I wanted to share with campus a few of the thoughts and updates I shared there.