Each day at the Andy Taylor Center, children encounter a supportive and engaging environment designed to nurture their growth and development. Our schedule is carefully planned to allow for a variety of experiences while also maintaining a predictable routine. Timespans within the schedule are flexible and responsive to the children’s interests.

Getting Started

Children begin the day by gathering together in the piazza, the large open foyer that serves as our preschool’s community gathering space. In the piazza, children encounter learning centers set up with carefully chosen materials that encourage curiosity and exploration. Following the transition into their classrooms, children gather with their classmates and teachers to greet one another, share ideas, and make decisions about their daily studies during morning meeting.

Projects & Play

During Projects & Play, children move excitedly about the classroom as learning begins based on each child’s interests. Teachers offer materials and activities that allow children to research and explore topics of interest, while also supporting their development across multiple domains. Rather than being limited by a pre-made, boxed curriculum, children engage in project work that is meaningful and relevant to them.

Studio Explorations

Children have the opportunity to visit our studio spaces on a daily basis. In the Art Studio, children choose from a wide variety of art media including paints, clay, and fabric with which they can create and explore in an open-ended, process-oriented way. In the Movement Studio, children are afforded the space and equipment needed to explore topics such as creative dramatics, yoga, and gymnastics.

Outside Explorations

Our outdoor playspace serves as an “outdoor classroom”, set up in learning centers that include dramatic play, art, gardening, and construction. In addition to our outdoor playspace, children often go on walkabouts to visit our surrounding neighborhood community.

Wrapping Up

As families begin streaming in, children eagerly show them projects they have worked on throughout the day. Families are encouraged to linger in the classrooms and the piazza to view project work in progress as well as chat with the teaching staff.


Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.