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The McGaughy Center manages the working relationships between interning CBE students, their supervising faculty and their internship employer.  CBE students follow a strategic progression when preparing for their required-for-graduation internship, including seminars, cover letter and resume preparation, communication with faculty, preparation of contractual documents, and much more. 

Internships allow students to enhance their classroom education with real-world experiential learning while adding value to hosting internship employers, by applying their technical and professional skills to projects and assignments.  Internships are a "win-win" for students and their internship employer.

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 Before you complete your internship for credit, you must meet the following:

  • Have a cumulative and major GPA of 2.33 or higher
  • Earned a minimum of 60 credit hours
  • Declared business or economics as your major and a concentration
  • Completed MANG 391: Professional Skills Development
  • Completed the specific prerequisite for your concentration:
    • Accounting = ACCT 340: Intermediate Accounting I
    • Finance = FINA 350: Principles of Finance
    • Information Systems and Cyber Security = ISCS 370: Principles of Management Information Systems
    • Management = MANG 360: Principles of Management
    • Marketing = MARK 380: Principles of Marketing

Need help finding your internship? Email to schedule an appointment with the McGaughy Center.

Check out our McGaughy Center Canvas page for internship and job posts as well as helpful information and tips!


We invite you to host an intern.

If you would like to host an intern from the College of Business and Economics or if you would like more information about our program, please let us know.

Career Closet

The College of Business and Economics offers students an opportunity to borrow free professional business attire.  Students may borrow clothes for interviews, class presentations, career fairs, or whenever there is an occasion to dress for success. Clothing in the Career Closet includes suits, slacks, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes, and ties.

Email to schedule an appointment to “shop” and borrow an outfit for success from the McGaughy Center Career Closet in Hiner.

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