Center for Cyber Security

It has been said that the third world war will be fought in Cyberspace. That war is not "going" to be fought; it is being fought, and at Longwood, we believe in preparing students with cutting-edge classes and hands-on experience to help fill the growing need for educated professionals.

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Logistics Center

The mission of the Longwood Logistics Center is to develop logistics professionals who will design and lead the future of supply chain. The LLC serves as an academic research partner to the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems (CCALS).

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SNVC Leadership Institute

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is the world-renowned training offered by the Institute.  Our facilitators are Longwood University employees who have been certified directly through FranklinCovey, with whom we are a client-partner. 

This training is available to both those in the Longwood community as well as to any individual or organization seeking means to impact personal and organizational effectiveness. 

The Center was established due to the generous contribution of an alumnus, Thomas I. DeWitt, CEO of SNVC, L.C. in 2010.

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Center for Financial Responsibility

The Center for Financial Responsibility was established in the aftermath of the Economic and Housing crisis in 2008. Specifically, faculty in the College of Business and Economics at Longwood University were convinced of the need for greater financial literacy at all education levels.

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McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center

The McGaughy Center manages the working relationships between interning CBE students, their supervising faculty and their host internship company.  CBE students follow a strategic progression when preparing for their required-for-graduation internships, including seminars, cover letter and resume preparation, communication with faculty, preparation of contractual documents, and much more. 

Internships allow students to enhance their classroom education with real world experiential learning, while adding value to hosting internship companies, by applying their technical and professional skills to projects and assignments .  As such, internships are a "win-win" for students and their hosting internship companies, with both gaining valuable benefits.

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