Who can use the Language Lab?

This lab is open to all students studying a foreign language during scheduled open lab hours. Foreign language classes can schedule to use the lab as well for class instruction.

What is available in the lab?

25 computers with internet access, international satellite television, a multi-format vcr, and more.

When can I use the lab

There are open lab hours for foreign language students at the following times:

  • Monday 6-10pm
  • Tuesday 5-9pm
  • Wednesday 6-10pm
  • Thursday 5-9pm

Any extended hours are posted on the front door of the lab. If a faculty member wishes to use the lab, they should contact Laura S├ínchez -sanchezl@longwood.edu or 434.395.2995. 

Where is the lab located?

The Language Lab is located on the top floor of Grainger Hall, room 307.

Is there any other information I should know?

Students should avoid waiting until the night before to do assignments and complete them well ahead of the due dates to avoid inconveniences or worse. Due dates are firm and if unexpected problems arise, such as power outages, assistants absent, all the seats taken, etc., you will not be able to complete your assignments and will receive a grade of zero. Be prepared well ahead of time!