The Language Lab has a vast amount of resources available to both the faculty and students. When it comes to educating and learning a foreign language, there is simply no better place on campus! Take a moment to see all that the language lab has to offer in terms of software resources and equipment.

The Computers

The lab is currently equipped with 25 desktop computers running Windows XP. These computers are connected to the internet through Longwood's high-speed fiber network. The computers are also equipped with a variety of software to assist in the learning of a foreign language. If you are a faculty member who would like a piece of software installed on these systems, simply get in contact with us today.

The Sanako Learning System 

Each computer is equipped with Sanako Media Assistant for the playback of video and audio files. A central server is also located in the lab that students and faculty can use to store and retrieve digital files. The real power of the Sanako Learning System is what it offers for faculty members. At the teacher's desk, a computer is equipped with Sanako Lab 300. This piece of software allows a teacher to:

  • Display a view of his/her screen to all or part of the classroom
  • View the display of any computer in the classroom
  • Take control of any computer in the lab
  • Load and transmit audio and video to any computer
  • Listen in on a student's learning and respond to help calls through the headphone intercom system
  • Pair student computers into sections for group learning with shared audio listening and recording
  • And more....

 For more information check out the training information or get in contact for personalized training or assistance.

Audio/Visual Equipment 

The Language lab is currently equipped with many international devices to assist in the playback of a wide variety of media. From regional DVDs to satellite television there are many options. Our current equipment list includes:

  • 2 Tape Decks
  • Dish Network International Satellite Television
  • International multi-format VCR
  • Region-free DVD player/recorder
  • Digital Overhead Projector
  • Laserjet Printer

Full list of available equipment (pdf)

For more information on proper use of this equipment see the training section.