Knowledge of current health issues is critical to the development of attitudes and behaviors that lead to optimal health throughout life. The health education minor examines a wide range of health-related topics and promotes discussion and study about future health issues.

The health education minor is open to students in any major program (excluding Health & P.E.) and is particularly complementary to degrees in the health and human services areas.

Career Paths

  • Health management organizations (HMOs)
  • Community health organizations
  • Health advocacy groups
  • Parks and recreation
  • State and local departments of health
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Hospitals and medical centers

What You'll Study

Requirements and Prerequisites

Core/3 credits  
HLTH 205 Health and Wellness/3 credits

Choose 5 courses/15 credits from the following

HPEP 201 Introduction to Health Education and Promotion/3 credits
HLTH 210 Global Health/3 credits
HLTH 215 Physical Activity and Health/3 credits
HPEP 220 Leadership in HPE/ 3 credits
HPEP 310 Essentials of Public Health Management/3 credits
HLTH 313 Drugs and Human Behavior/3 credits
HLTH 314 Human Sexuality/3 credits
HLTH 315 Promoting Mental Health/3 credits
HPEP 320 Health Communication and Advocacy/3 credits 
HLTH 325 Human Diseases/3 credits
HPEP 330 Grant Writing and Resource Allocation/3 credits
HPEP 340 Cultural Competence/3 credits
HLTH 335 Nutrition/3 credits
HLTH 400 Environmental Health/3 credits
HPEP 402 Research Methods in Health and Physical Activity/ 3 credits
HLTH 430 Women’s Health and Health Care
Issues/3 credits  



Discover health -related fitness and sport science in courses designed to provide a foundation in the sciences with an emphasis in exercise, education, health and sports sciences.

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