Criteria for Admission

Requirements for admission into the PHETE Program should be completed before the end of the midpoint of the spring semester of the sophomore year. The requirements are:

Students should follow the PHETE Course Sequence. The courses are carefully sequenced to ensure that necessary courses are completed in time to apply for admission to teacher education. 

Transfer students

Transfer students must apply for admission to the Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Program (PHETE) by the midpoint of their second semester at Longwood University. All criteria listed above apply to transfer students.

Teacher Candidates Applying For Licensure Only

Licensure only teacher candidates apply for admission to the Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Program (PHETE) and must be accepted before beginning professional course work at Longwood University. Students must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Two letters of recommendation from a licensed teacher or school administrator or from a previous college level instructor are also required of any Licensure Only student. All standardized testing requirements must be met as well as an interview with the PHETE Interview Committee.

Standardized Testing Requirements for Admission to Teacher Education:

Standardized testing. Virginia wants highly qualified teachers who can demonstrate competent skills in mathematics, reading, and writing.  This must be documented before a student can be admitted into teacher education. To that end, there are several ways to demonstrate competencies in all three areas:

  • Mathematics competencies are met if you achieve a 530 on the math portion of the SAT (and a composite score of 1100) or 22 on ACT math (with a composite score of 24).  If you have done either of those, then you have met this requirement, but if you do not have either of those scores (and composites), there is another way to meet the requirements.
  • MOST PHETE majors take the Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE) in mathematics (Test # 5732).  You need a score of 150 to pass.

The CASE test is computer-based and available in many locations around Virginia.  Go to for more information and to register. It will cost approx. $100 to take the test.  There is information about the test on the website AND for $17 more you can have access to an on-line version that you may take as many as 10 times to practice.  We strongly recommend this.  Books to help you prepare will also be on reserve in the Longwood Library. If you do not pass, you must wait 30 days to re-take it.

  1. Reading and writing competencies are met by achieving a score of 235 on the reading and 235 on the writing portions of the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) OR achieving a composite score of 470 if the test is attempted after January 1, 2014. To register, go to  Please know that this is a two-step process and may take two log-ons and usually two days to complete.   The test is computer-based and available at many sites around Virginia.  It will cost approx. $130 to take both portions of the VCLA test.  There is information about the tests on the website.  If you do not have 470, you must wait 30 days before you can re-take it.  Please attempt this test as soon as possible.

Requirements for admission to Student Teaching:

Requirements for admission to the Student Teacher Program should be completed one year before you plan to student teach; September 1 for student teaching the following fall semester and February 1 for student teaching the following spring semester.


  • prior admission to the PHETE program
  • completed Application for 
  • overall Grade Point Average of at least 2.5
  • major Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 (determined by grades earned in KINS 150, 201, 203, 204, 275, 280, 350, 351, 352, 364, 374, 377, 378, 386, 387; HLTH 160, 201, 205, 313, 314, 335, and 465)
  • two recommendations from members of the PHETE faculty
  • evidence of the satisfactory completion of a broad background in general education
  • demonstration of adequate preparation in professional courses specific to the PHETE program and a minimum grade of C on the following courses: 
    • KINS 350, 351, 352,  364, 374, 377, 378
    • HLTH 465