Senior year, arguably the best year of your college life, comes with a roller coaster of emotions.  Are you ready?  Ready for the “real world”?

1. You are gripped with a paralyzing panic about what comes next…

A little panic is normal, but, if it gets to be too much, stop by the Counseling Center.

Still from Girls:

2. …alternating with extreme optimism for what the future holds.

No homework? No tests? OH YEAH!!

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3. The next person to ask if you’ve found a job will get an earful.

No worries, there’s help at hand! Check out the Academic & Career Advising Center.

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4. If it’s not finding a job, it’s about graduate school.

Have you considered Longwood University Graduate Studies?

5. You feel overwhelming nostalgia for every building on campus.

Especially Ruffner. Let’s not even get started on what happens when you think of Ruffner.

“I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.”

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6. You are overcome with the need to hug your favorite professors, especially when they do or say something you’re going to miss.

One more “living the dream!” from Professor Halliday and he’s getting hugged!

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7. You go out of your way to participate in every campus tradition and event.

Color Wars–check!
CHI Walk–check!
Spring Weekend–check!


8. You resent freshmen for having it all ahead of them while at the same time you watch in disdain their youthful enthusiasm for college life.


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9. You think of ways to extend your time here at Longwood.

“Hmm, I think I want to change my major to computer science.”

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10. But deep down you know you’re going to be OK because you are leaving with a degree from Longwood University.

Year after year Longwood ranks high nationally in reports like the U.S. News “Best Colleges” report, the Princeton Review and Forbes magazine’s annual list of America’s best colleges.

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