Lancers aren’t ones to sit around all summer doing nothing. Students have gone around the world over the break, attending concerts, seeing sights and even practicing a little citizen leadership. We asked students to send in their selfies from all over the place this summer, and here are the best ones according to your #LUTakeASelfie challenge votes:

Festival/Concert Selfies

Natalie Joseph Selfie

“At my FIRST CONCERT! Had so much fun at the Wiz Khalifa concert on July 25! #tbt Got really close! #LUTakeASelfie”
~Natalie Joseph

Amanda Miller selfie

“QUEEEEEEN!! I’ve literally been waiting for this day since I was like five. ️#queentour2014 #LUTakeASelfie”
~Amanda Miller


Landmark Selfies

Emily Russell Eiffel Tower Selfie

“I miss you already, ten days wasn’t long enough! #LUTakeASelfie”
~Emily Russell

Molly Kaufman Big Ben Selfie

#LUTakeASelfie from London! 
~Molly Kaufman

Adventure/Exotic Location Selfies

Natalie Joseph at the Gantry at NASA Langley Research Center

“Me at the Gantry at NASA Langley Research Center for my summer internship! The Gantry is an important NASA Landmark and for the world, because it is where they trained the first ever astronauts to go to the moon! Also they crash test things like NASCAR’s, Air Force Planes, and the new Mars Mission Orion Space Capsule for 2034! It’s 250 feet high and we have to be super official in our hard hats to even go under! #LUTakeASelfie”
~Natalie Joseph

Mackenzie Carlson Principality of Monaco, Côte d’Azur Selfie

Principality of Monaco, Côte d’Azur #FBF #isthatathing #frenchriviera #LUtakeaselfie
~Mackenzie Carlson

Selfless Selfies

Irina Boothe Military Selfie

“After nearly 2 and 1/2 months, this summer’s training has finally come to an end. #LUTakeASelfie”
~Irina Boothe

Molly Monaghan Practicum II Selfie

“Practicum II with the students of Costa Rica…but first #LUtakesaselfie”
~Molly Monaghan


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