As part of a long-standing Longwood tradition, Convocation 2014 was filled with hundreds of well-decorated caps reflecting the unique personalities of this year’s senior class. Here are nine of the ones you didn’t want to miss.

The Batman

Ben Moreland

Ben Moreland - The Batman

The Wicker Chair

Diedre Bates

Diedre Bates - The Wicker Chair

The Three-Tier

Conner Freeland and Molly Price

Conner Freeland and Molly Price - The Three-Tier

The Fall Ensemble

Michael Dunson

Michael Dunson - The Fall Ensemble

The Cat Eyes

Elizabeth Farrell

Elizabeth Farrell - The Cat Eyes


Sam Hedger

Sam Hedger - The SLR

The Despicable Me

Megan Newman

Megan Newman - The Despicable Me

The Rocketship

 Anna Fluri

Anna Fluri - The Rocketship

…and (drumroll, please): The Bone Collector

Dr. Jim Jordan

Dr. Jim Jordan - The Bone Collector

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