This section answers some of the most commonly asked questions by our students. For more detailed information please refer to the Nursing Program Student Handbook located on CANVAS

How will I get an advisor?

Nursing students will be assigned a nursing faculty advisor that is trained and prepared to assist students in evaluating their progress toward their educational and professional goals.  Nursing students are expected to meet with their advisors on a regular basis (at least twice per semester) in order to ensure progression through the nursing program as outlined in the university catalog.

What do I need to know about the nursing uniforms?

Nursing students will be required to wear Longwood University uniforms in the clinical setting.  This identifies the student as learners in the clinical environment. The official nursing uniform will consist of a blue scrub top, with a Longwood University patch; white pants/skirts;  and white shoes are required. Beginning Fall 2015: A white scrub top, with Longwood University patches on sleeves; blue pants/skirts will be worn in clinical areas. A white lab coat with the university logo is to be worn in the clinical areas when not in uniform.   Longwood University Nursing polo shirt; khaki pants; and appropriate closed toe and heel shoes are worn as directed by your clinical instructor for some clinical experiences. Uniforms will be purchased fall of your sophomore year at Barnes and Noble Bookstore/Longwood University.  The Nursing Department and Bookstore staff will arrange an annual uniform fitting for nursing students.  Students will be notified of fitting dates. 

What documentation do I need to have completed before going to clinical experiences?

Clinical agencies require the Department of Nursing to provide student documentation before they will allow students in any nursing program to begin clinical experiences. Therefore, it is critical for all students to provide this documentation to the Department in a timely manner. Most documentation is due prior to the first clinical experience and is collected just one time. Several items require annual updates.

At the sophomore level students will be required to upload proof of all required clinical documentation listed in you Nursing Student Handbook via Medical Document Manager (Certified Background) (pdf) by August 1 prior to fall sophomore courses.  Clinical documentation includes immunization records (Polio Influenza, TdaP, MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B, TB Skin Test); proof of current American Heart Association, Basic Life Support-Health Care Provider CPR Certification;Documentation of personal health insurance coverage; Signed Risk Associated with Clinical Practice; and Student Handbook Acknowledgement Agreement Form.  Additionally students must complete a Criminal Background Check and 10 Panel Urine Drug Screen by August 1st prior to fall sophomore courses.  

Annual Requirements for Junior and Senior level students include: TB Skin Test and proof of current CPR Certification. A Certified Background Check will be required at least once more the summer before entering the senior year.


What are your NCLEX Pass Rates? 

Class of 2016: 27 graduates, 100% first time pass rate

Class of 2015: 26 graduates, 84.6% first time pass rate

Class of 2014: 28 graduates, 89.3% first time pass rate

Class of 2013: 25 graduates, 57% first time pass rate