This section answers some of the most commonly asked questions by our students. For more detailed information please refer to the Nursing Program Student Handbook located on CANVAS

How will I get an advisor?

Nursing students will be assigned a nursing faculty advisor that is trained and prepared to assist students in evaluating their progress toward their educational and professional goals.  Nursing students are expected to meet with their advisors on a regular basis (at least twice per semester) in order to ensure progression through the nursing program as outlined in the university catalog.

Minimum Laptop Specifications

The Longwood University Nursing Program utilizes specific software products that must be downloaded to their personal laptops. Mac or Windows operating systems are supported, but Chromebooks, iPad, Android or Linux operating systems are not supported. To ensure your laptop is capable of downloading the required software and products, please refer to the minimum system requirement links.




What do I need to know about the nursing uniforms?

Nursing students will be required to wear Longwood University uniforms in the clinical setting.  This identifies the student as learners in the clinical environment. The official nursing uniform will consist of a grey scrub top; navy pants/skirts; and white or black shoes are required. A white lab coat with the Nursing name badge is to be worn in the clinical areas when not in uniform.   Uniforms will be purchased fall of your sophomore year at Barnes and Noble Bookstore/Longwood University.  The Bookstore staff will arrange an annual uniform fitting for nursing students.  Students will be notified of fitting dates. 

What documentation do I need to have completed before going to clinical experiences?

Clinical agencies require the Department of Nursing to provide/verify student clinical documentation before they will allow students in any nursing program to begin clinical experiences. Therefore, it is critical for all students to provide this documentation and disclose any changes in criminal history to the Nursing Department Chair before returning to class or clinical setting. Failure to report this information may result in immediate dismissal from the program.  

Clinical documentation requirements are due July 1st prior to fall sophomore courses (exception is Influenza Vaccination that is due annually by November 1st). Follow-up clinical documentation for rising junior and senior level students is required to be completed by July 1st of each year.  Students who have not provided requested documentation to the Department of Nursing July 15th will be administratively dropped from their nursing lab based courses and clinical courses. Several items (indicated by *) require annual or subsequent updates. Students entering the second year of the nursing program are required to submit all clinical documentation using the Castle Branch Medical Document Manager.

CPR Certification  

CPR certification is required for all students working in clinical agencies.  All students must submit proof of American Heart Association- Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider certification by July 1st prior to fall sophomore courses with proof of recertification required every two years.  Adult, infant, child, and AED training for healthcare providers are required.  

*Health Insurance

All students must be covered by year-round health insurance and present proof of continued insurance annually. Documentation of coverage must be provided by July 1st prior to fall sophomore courses and annually.  Students are responsible for the costs associated with all required health screening and for any and all health care costs that could result from experiences in the nursing program. 

Health and Immunization 

Nursing students are required to be in compliance with all health requirements as outlined in the Longwood University health policy.  Nursing students must have a complete immunization record submitted by July 1st prior to fall sophomore nursing courses.  The student is responsible for obtaining documentation from their health care provider of required immunizations, test, and titers.  Below are the required immunizations, titers, and test:  

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella): Documentation of two doses AND positive antibody titer  (lab report required).  If antibody titer is equivocal or negative a booster is required.  
  • POLIO:  Documentation of primary immunization of three (3) doses of OPV 
  • CTDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis):  Documentation of a T-dap within the past 10 years or a Td booster within the past 2 years
  • HEPATITIS B: Documentation of three (3) vaccinations AND positive antibody titer (lab report required).  If titer is negative or equivocal, repeat series is required.  
  • VARICELLA: Documentation of two (2) vaccinations or history of disease AND a positive antibody titer (lab report required for all nursing students). If titer is negative or equivocal, 1 booster is required.  
  • *INFLUENZA: Documentation of flu shot administered during flu season (this will be due every November 1 before spring semester clinical courses begin)
  • *TB SKIN TEST:  Documentation of a negative 2 Step TB Skin Test (PPD) is required. An initial PPD needs to be given and read within 72 hours of placement, if negative, a second PPD administered 1-3 weeks after the initial PPD and read within 72 hours of placement. If either PPD is positive a clear chest x-ray is required.  An annual TB Skin Test (one PPD) will then be required and submitted by July 1st prior to fall junior and senior level courses. 
  • Additional immunizations may be required by clinical agencies; proof of immunizations must be submitted if requested. 

Panel Urine Drug Screen

Students must order a drug screen online through www.castlebranch.com  to be completed by July 1st prior to fall sophomore courses. The results, posted on CastleBranch.com secure website, must indicate a negative drug screen. A physician contracted by the company will follow up with students on any questionable drug screen results. If you receive a call from the company physician after submitting your test, you should reply promptly during the physician’s office hours. Students who fail to provide a negative test may be unable to continue in the program. Students with a positive drug test may not enroll or continue in practicum activities.  Students may be required to have a drug test at any point if requested by clinical agency personnel or by a practicum faculty member.   

*Criminal Background Check: 

Criminal background checks must be completed by July 1st prior to fall sophomore courses.  Criminal background checks will be required at least once more the summer before entering the senior year (by July 1st). Students must order a criminal background check through www.castlebranch.com. The results, posted on Castle Branch’s secure website, must be negative. Students who have a positive background check may be unable to continue in the program.  The Nursing Department will be able to track results through castlebranch.com   

What are your NCLEX Pass Rates? 

Class of 2023: 100% first-time pass rate

Class of 2022: 98% first-time pass rate

Class of 2021: 93.48% first-time pass rate

Class of 2020: 100% first-time pass rate

Class of 2019: 98% first-time pass rate

Class of 2018: 100% first-time pass rate