The signs are up again, announcing another installment in the Political Science Club's highly successful run of mock debates.  These debates have seen vigorous exchanges in the past year or more and have been notable for the high attendance they keep drawing. 

Now, on the eve of Virginia's gubernatorial election, the Club is back, with six of its members representing three major political points of view in two-person teams.  Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans will thus each get to make the case for their platform and the policies they support on today's hot-button issues.  The debate will take place in Jarman Auditorium, on Monday 6 November, starting at 7:30pm.

Chris Siefke, one of the participants, noted that none of the team members know in advance what actual questions will come their way.  In the planning stages, however, various themes have been broached as possible topics.  Such items might thus include Higher Education (including attention to Title IX issues), immigration and DACA, criminal justice (and the attendant issues of policing techniques), the economy, the national debt, US involvement (or not) in environmental accords, and others.

Siefke noted a few changes are being adopted from prior debates. These include a shortening of the time allotted for the debate down to an hour.  Instead of paper ballots to pick the winner, the club is going to open a social media poll during the event's wrap-up phase for the final voting.