Do you want to make a difference in the world? If so, majoring in Political Science is a great place to start! Come learn to lead responsibly and expertly in our small, lively classes. Here, you'll explore, discover and practice how to shape today's political landscape.

Career Path

Many of our alumni have gone on to become

  • FBI, CIA, NSA Agents
  • Homeland Security Analysts
  • Lawyers
  • Lobbyists
  • Congressional Staffers
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Stock Brokers


What You'll Study


Longwood Political Science majors prepare to lead as responsible citizens in a wide range of post graduate -options:  American politics, public law, international relations, political philosophy, foreign policy, comparative politics and public administration.

Pre-Law, Political Science

Our department's three disciplines have long been recognized as among the best preparatory fields for a career in the legal profession.

Law requires a tremendous amount of reading, writing, and critical analysis of information. The critical thinking that you’ll develop in Longwood's Pre-Law program will help you prepare to take the LSAT, guide you toward appropriate internships, and help you choose the best law schools for you.


Global Politics

You'll get an interdisciplinary understanding of global affairs that will prepare you to work in a variety of government agencies and non-governmental organizations. You'll be competitive in the corporate sector too.

Students who concentrate in Global Politics typically study abroad, most recently in South Africa, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Recent internships have included the State Department, a Senator’s office, and non-governmental organizations that fight human trafficking.


In our classes, such as Constitutional Law and the American Judiciary, you will learn valuable skills that will prepare you for law school, global affairs and beyond. 

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