Losen and Galen in NOLA
Losen and Galen in NOLA

Two Longwood history majors presented the findings of their recent research at the National Conference of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, 3-6 January 2018, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Maeve Losen ('18, above right) presented an analysis of FDR’s fourth inauguration in January 1945 and how it reflected the tone of the war, a little over three years after the US entry into the global conflict. Losen's research began in Dr. Melissa Krazetz's Historical Methods class, and she expanded on her original paper for the conference.

Mary Zell Galen ('19, above left) demonstrated her findings about the cultural reactions and changes as Great Britain left the gold standard in 1797 as part of its effort to combat the French Revolution. Galen's research began during the 2017 SURI (Summer Undergraduate Research and Inquiry) program, which helped fund Galen's research.

They both plan to follow up with presentations at the Virginia Phi Alpha Theta conference this March.

In November 2017, Losen and Galen also presented at the National Collegiate Honors Council's annual conference in Atlanta. Losen presented on the effects of foreign involvement on the American Revolution while Galen analyzed the impact of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on American journalism.