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Come hear students in Athletic Training, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Political Science, and Prince Edward County High School classes present posters summarize their research at the Spring Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry on April 23rd.


Please visit the Blackwell Ballroom between 9:00 and 10:00 AM to hear about their diverse research projects. 


Students from Dr. Consuelo Alvarez's and Dr. Erin Shanle's Biology 251- Introduction to Cell Biology and Genetics classes will present various topics including:

- A survey of yeasts in the exudates of Longwood trees

- The Presence of Different Species of Yeast on Raspberries

- Isolating Environmental Yeasts from Post-Rain Puddle Water

- Comparing microbial diversity across Lancer Park


Students from Dr. Sarai Blincoe's and Dr. Stephanie Buchert's Psychology 461- Senior Seminar classes will present various topics including:

- Changing Attitudes towards Sexual Minorities

- Hire or No Hire? The Effect of Name Presentation on the Likelihood of Hiring

- To Catch a Cyberbully

- The Effects of Smell on Math Achievement

- Celebrity Brands: Do People Really Buy Them?


Students from Dr. Jake Milne's Sociology 461- Senior Seminar class will present various topics including:

- Affordable Housing in the United States

- Role Conflict and the elite Student-Athletes

- Policy Analysis of Title IX

- Perception of cheating in sports

- A Change for the National Drug Control Policy


Students from Dr. Scott Cole's Political Science 461- Senior Seminar and 305- International Relations classes will present various topics including:

- Why Millennial College Students Support Title IX

- Why Foreign Aid Doesn’t Work

- An Overview of the Determinants of Decreased Voter Participation in College Students


Students from Dr. Meg Thompson's Athletic Training 470- Clinical Research Methods class will present various topics including:

- Phys Ed Perceived Importance of Concussion Ed/Training & RTL

- Physical Educators Comfort of Concussion Education Training

- Physical Educators’ Knowledge on Concussion Training, Education, and Return to Learn Policies


And over 70 Prince Edward Public High School students will present their research on various topics including:

- Water quality improves farther away from the drainage pipe

- The effect of depth on water quality

- Identifying total coliform bacteria in Prince Edward High School waterways

- The effect of climate on microbial diversity

- Microbial testing reveals Enterococcus in Prince Edward Waterways

- The TRUTH about our water: Examining the water quality of the Prince Edward County Waterways


and more! Please stop by to hear about the students' research.

Spring 2019 Posters 9 to 10