Spring Symposium Logo 2018
Spring Symposium Logo 2018

Come hear students in Biology, Integrated Environmental Science, Social Work, Education, Special Education, and Health, Recreation, and Kinesiology classes present research posters at the Spring Symposium for Research and Creative Inquiry on April 24th.


Stop by the Blackwell Ballroom between 1:45 and 2:45 PM to hear about their diverse research projects. 


Students from Dr. Dale Beach's and Dr. Consuelo Alvarez's Biology 251- Introduction to Cell Biology and Genetics classes will present various topics including:

- Isolation and Identification of Environmental Yeast Strains

- The yeast diversity effect from different temperatures

- Yeast Species Identification on Grocery Store Strawberries

- You are what you eat: Wild Yeast from Sourdough Bread Starter

- Identifying Yeast Species in Soil from Lancer Park's Forest Habitat


Students from Dr. Amorette Barber's Biology 450- Biology of Cancer class will present various topics including:

- The Effects of HPV and Estrogen on Cervical Cancer

- Comparison of the Interaction of BPA and BGF on Androgen Receptors in Murine Prostate Cancer Cells

- The Effects of Cytokines on Estrogen Levels in Uterine Cancer

- The Efficacy of Cannabinoids in Decreasing Growth and Angiogenesis in Murine Glioblastoma Cells

- Prevention of chronic inflammation induced ovarian cancer using NSAIDs


Students from Dr. Mark Fink's Biology 330- Conservation Biology class will present various topics including:

- How does global warming and ocean acidification impact the health of coral reefs and its surrounding ecosystem

- How is the population density of the Florida Panther affected by human activity?

- Chytrid Fungus in Amphibians

- Recovery of the Saimaa Ringed Seal

- Quantifying Risk Factors of Sharks in Different Regions of the World


Students from Dr. Evan Long's and Dr. Patti Hastings's Education 433- Elementary Math, Science, and Social Studies Methods classes will present various topics including:

- Math Interventions for 6th Grade

- Finding and Fixing Error Patterns in Elementary Mathematics

- Numbers and Newbies: Data-driven Interventions in Elementary Math Settings

- First Rate Solutions for First Grade Problems: My Data-driven Math Intervention

- Making Math Less Murky: Results from a Data-driven Intervention


Students from Dr. Troy Purdom's Kinesiology 470- Research Methods in Kinesiology class will present various topics including:

- The effects of plyometric exercise on maximal vertical jump height in recreationally trained female athletes

- Characteristics of Music’s Effect on Aerobic Exercise Distance

- The effects of squat jumps on anaerobic power in recreationally trained male volleyball players

- The relationship between creatine supplementation and high-intensity exercise on cognitive performance


Students from Dr. Teresa Reynolds's and Dr. Ian Danielsen's Social Work 320- Introduction to Social Work Research classes will present various topics including:

- The Effect of Natural Disasters on the Mental Health of Human Service Workers

- The parallels between domestic violence and parenting styles

- Abuse and neglect of the vulnerable: the correlation between elder abuse and neglect living in low socio-economic status


Students from Dr. Ken Fortino's Environmental Science 201- Integrated Environmental Investigations class will present present various topics including:

- The Effect of Structure on Fish Density

- The effect of land use on tree density and size


and more! Please stop by to hear about the students' research.

 Spring Symposium 2018 145pm to 245pm Posters