Spring Symposium Logo 2018
Spring Symposium Logo 2018

Come hear students in Communications, Psychology, Sociology, and Nursing classes present posters summarizing their research at the Spring Symposium for Research and Creative Inquiry on April 24th.


Stop by the Blackwell Ballroom between 9:00 and 10:00 AM to hear about their diverse research projects. 


Students from Dr. Kris Paal's and Dr. Alec Hosterman's Communications 461- Senior Seminar classes will present various topics including:

- The Effectiveness of Health Threat Messages Communicated Through Social Media

- Incentivizing Crisis Management for Millennials

- College Students Interpretations of Same Sex Couples on Television

- Why Do I Have to Look Like Her? An analysis of women’s perception of body image

- On Trend: The Use of Social Media in Establishing Brand Identity


Students from Dr. Sarai Blincoe's and Dr. Stephanie Buchert's Psychology 461- Senior Seminar classes will present various topics including:

 - The Effect of Color on Emotion Recognition

- The Effects of Budgeting Finances on College Students' Physiological Stress Response

- How Aromas Effect Anxiety in a Classroom Setting

- Instagram Endorsements: The Effect of Number of Followers and Product Placement on Purchase Intention

- The Effects of Having an Excuse on Performance of a Physical Task


Psychology students conducting independent research will present their research on many topics including:

- Anxiety in Different Situations: Testing vs Public Speaking

- The Effects of Aggression and Introversion on Enjoyment of Horror Related Entertainment

- The Effects of Homepage Organization and Previous Experience on Navigating a Learning Management System

- The Effects of an Adult Model on Four-Year-Olds’ Metacognitive Reasoning Skills

- The Effects of Flavor on Perceptions of Personality


Students from Dr. Jake Milne's Sociology 461- Senior Seminar class will present various topics including:

- A Look at Medicaid in Virginia

- Free and Reduced Lunch Programs in the United States

- Policy Analysis of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

- Policy Analysis of the Family and Medical Leave Act

- Interracial dating opinions and attitudes on Longwood campus


Students from Prof.  Pam Crowder's and Prof. Theresa Kennon's Nursing 230- Foundations in Nursing Practice classes will present various topics including:

- What factors/interventions prevent burnout in the nursing profession?

- Nasogastric Tubes: The most effective way to ensure correct placement

- Accuracy of Automatic Blood Pressure Measurement Devices Vs. Manual Measurement

- What factors/interventions decrease urinary tract infections in hospitalized patients?

- What effect does nurse fatigue have on patient outcomes?


and more! Please stop by to hear about the students' research.

Spring Symposium 2018 Posters 9 to 10am