Spring Symposium Logo 2018
Spring Symposium Logo 2018

This exhibition in the Robert Russa Moton Museum features individuals who lived through the public school closing in Prince Edward County, Virginia, from 1959-1964.  In collaboration with the museum, Longwood University students in an honors advanced writing seminar and a photography course partnered with these individuals to document their stories.  These stories resonate with action and with movement – in stark contrast to how the history of this period has traditionally been told.  We hope this exhibition encourages other individuals to share their stories.  Through telling and listening, all of us can engage in dialogue about our past, our present, and our future together.


Please visit the Robert Russa Moton Museum between 3:30 and 5:30pm on Tuesday, April 24 to learn more about this exhibition. 





Honors English 400


Art 254, Art 490

Story Teller

Torie Allen

James Conner

Rev. Vincent Eanes

Casey Bainbridge

Melanie Vasquez

Richard “Dickie” Moss

Jessica Smith

Steven Farkas

Danny Morton

Hunter Purcell

Laurel Thoreson

James Jordan

Tyler Chuba

Brea Fowlkes

Clara (Gibson) Johnson

Murrie Grimes

Heather Green

Patsy (Cobbs) Franklin


Amanda Holmes

Edith Austin

Ernestine “Tina” Harris

Sarah Heath

Rachel Frank

Eunice (Ward) Carwile

Zach Sergi

Katherine Wilson

Jimmy Hurt


Hanna Schenkelberg

Jacob Puterko

Ann (Frank) Simpson


Teresa Fruchterman

Taylor O’Berry

Travis Harris


Hannah Auerbach

Halle Parker

Naja (Griffin) Johnson


Tevin Brown

Halle Parker

“Skip” Leslie Griffin


Sarah Wright

Halle Parker

Cocheyse (Griffin) Epps





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