Spring Symposium Logo 2018
Spring Symposium Logo 2018

Come hear students in English and Biology classes present posters summarizing their research at the Spring Symposium for Research and Creative Inquiry on April 24th.


Stop by the Blackwell Ballroom between 3:00 and 4:00 PM to hear about their diverse research projects. 


Students from Dr. David Magill's ENGL 209- Introduction to Literary Analysis class will present various topics including:


- Relationships within "Are These Actual Miles"

- Racial Divide in "Love for Blood-Soaked Moon"

- Familial Responsibility Depicted in "The Shawl"

- The Issue of Understanding in "Hunters in the Snow"

- Animal Rights in “Mercy”


Students from Dr. Elif Guler's ENGL 400- Active Citizenship: An Advanced Writing Seminar class will present electronic presentations of their research on:

 - Climate Change as a National Security Issue

- The Happiness Effect: Mental Health Advocates


Students from Dr. Amorette Barber's BIOL 400- Unifying Biological Principles class will present posters on many topic including:

- The Effects of Petroleum Pollution on Primate Health in the Amazon Rainforest

- The association of Macrophages recruitment and Angiogenesis in the development of Pancreatic Cancer

- Identifying the effectiveness of Omega-3/6 fatty acids in a diet when diagnosed with ADHD

- The Use of Thymosin Beta-4 as a Preventative Treatment Against Strokes

- Using Parasites as a Potential Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis


and more! Please stop by to hear about the students' research.

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