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Come hear students in Environmental Science, Special Education, Health, Physical Education, Kinesiology, English, and Biology classes present posters summarize their research at the Spring Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry on April 23rd.


Please visit the Blackwell Ballroom between 1:45 and 2:45 PM to hear about their diverse research projects. 


Students from Dr. Dale Beach's BIOL 326- Cell Biology and Dr. Michael Wolyniak's Molecular and Cellular Biology (Hampden-Sydney College) classes will present posters on a research project that they conducted in collaboration with Third Street Brewery in Farmville, VA.  Research topics include: 

- Better Gene, Better Beer

- Best in SHO1: Improved Brewing

- No Stale Ale -- Analyzing the Sequence of SPT10 in Different Brewing Strains

- What the HEK2 is Flocculation


Students from Dr. Amanda Blaisdell's Health 325- Human Diseases class will present various topics including:

- Biking to Beat Obesity

- Decrease Blood Pressure and Increase Bone Density

- You've got to Be Kidney-ing Me, I Have Heart Disease?

- The Suffocating Similarities between COPD and Esophageal Cancer


Students from Dr. Amanda Blaisdell's Health and Physical Education 466- Health Promotion and Program Planning class will present posters on various topics including:

- Prince Edward Adults Choosing Health (P.E.A.C.H.)

- The Best Foot Forward Program

- Hypertension and Nutrition


Students from Dr. Troy Purdom's Kinesiology 387- Physiology of Exercise class will present various topics including:

- The Aerobic Capacity and Demographic Profile of Kinesiology Students

- Multi-Frequency BIA to Evaluate Whole Body and Joint Inflammation In Overhead Single Segment Division I Collegiate Athletes


Students from Dr. Laura Jimenez's Kinesiology 470- Research Methods class will present posters on various topics including:

- Effects of Aluni Nu Pre-Workout (TM) on High Intensity Interval Training Exercise


Students in Dr. Aftab Khan's Special Education 389- Survey of Exceptional Children class will present various topics including:

- Musical Interventions for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

- The Benefits of Wilson Training Program on Students who Struggle with Reading Fluency

- Spelling Mastery & Dyslexia


Students in Dr. Aftab Khan's and Dr. Karen Feathers' Special Education 489- Survey of Exceptional Children class will present various topics including:

- Developing Visual Supports for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities who are Non-Verbal to Enhance Communication in the Home, School, & Community

- Improving Behavior from the Start: Integrating Social Training Programs into an Inclusive Preschool Classroom

- Word Recognition Software Programs and the Effects it has on Exceptional Children


Students in Dr. Dina Leech's and Dr. Ken Fortino's Environmental Science 201- Integrated Environmental Investigations class will present various topics including:

- Analyzing the Limiting Nutrient using a Bioassay in Farmville Area Ponds

- Assessment of nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in the Appomattox River due to agricultural or urban runoff

- An Analysis of Urbanizations effect on Mosquito Habitats

- Comparison of the Toxicity of Standard vs. Eco-Friendly of Detergents


Students in Dr. Scott McDarmont's English 400- Advanced Writing Seminar class will present various topics including:

- Inclusion Classrooms

- Marketing/Perception of Cannabinoids in Public Eye

- Not Abandoning History in the Classroom

- Juvenile Rural Gang Involvement


Students from Dr. Amorette Barber's Biology 404- Immunology class will present various topics including:

- The role of Capsaicin and [6]-Gingerol in preventing cancer through altering immunity

- The effect of ethyl and butyl parabens to mimic estrogen to alter differentiation of myeloid derived suppressor cells

- Do Phytoestrogens in the Hops Plant Have the Ability to Signal Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells and Drive Cancer Progression?


and more! Please stop by to hear about the students' research.

Spring 2019 Posters 145 to 245