The Fall 2021 Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry is on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 from 2:00-5:30pm 

This year's Fall Student Showcase will feature more than 200 student presentations from class research projects, independent research projects, and internships.  Students presentations in the form of posters, oral presentations, and other presentations of creative work will be showcased virtually and in-person.  

You can access the Fall 2021 Student Showcase site here: 

**As a way of encouraging your students to learn, interact, and apply information from the Fall 2021 Student Showcase the following bingo card and scavenger sheets have been created as possible assignments for which your student could earn credit. Please consider using one of these assignments in your classes to encourage students to engage with the Fall Student Showcase presentations.

Using the bingo card, you can apply the solid line (horizontal, diagonal, or vertical) method of scoring to encourage your students to interact with a modest portion of the showcases offered.

Using the scavenger sheet, in which the student are encouraged to complete the sheet, you have the opportunity to encourage them to more fully participate in the showcase opportunities.

We encourage students to view the presentations, ask questions, and comment on research and scholarly work from numerous students from all of Longwood's academic colleges. Many of the presentations are pre-recorded and can be accessed in the "Presentations" tab of the Fall Student Showcase event site. The live sessions will be in-person on November 17. Zoom links will also be provided for each session and can be found by clicking on the "Live Sessions" tab. 
The pre-recorded presentations are organized in random order on the event site, but you can search by student name, discipline, project type, class name, or key word. Each pre-recorded presentation is set up to allow you to leave questions and comments for the student presenters. Questions and comments are encouraged.
Please direct any inquiries about the Student Showcase to Amorette Barber ( or visit the Student Showcase website for more details about the event.