Spring Poster Picture
Spring Poster Picture

Please join us on April 23, 2019 from 12:30 - 1:00p.m. for the Student Award Ceremony during the Spring Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry. The Award Ceremony will be held in the Bedford Atrium.

This year's Awards will be presented by Dr. Roger Byrne, Dean of the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences. 

During the Student Award Ceremony we will acknowledge and celebrate our students who have gone above and beyond in their pursuit of research and creative inquiry! The awards ceremony will include announcing the winners of the INCITE Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship awards, and recognizing students who are receiving the Longwood Excellence in Research and Inquiry Award. 

Students who have been recognized with an award are noted by the colored ribbons on their name badges. Projects that have been published in INCITE are noted in the program.

The different colors of the Award Recipient ribbons indicate the following achievements:

Light Blue- Participated in an intensive research program, such as Longwood’s PRISM or CURIO program, or a Research Experience for Undergraduates outside of Longwood University

Dark Blue- Presented research at a scholarly conference or had a performance or exhibition of creative work outside of Longwood University

Red- Published an article in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal or received external funding to support an independent research and inquiry project

Green- Completed a Senior Honors Research Project at Longwood University

Yellow- Published in INCITE, the undergraduate research journal for the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences at Longwood University

Spring Showcase 2019 Detailed Schedule


Spring Showcase 2019 Award Ceremony