The virtual Spring Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry starts Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 8am
This year's virtual Spring Student Showcase will feature more than 400 student presentations from class research projects, CTZN 410 projects, and independent research projects.  Students presentations in the form of posters, oral presentations, and other presentations of creative work will be showcased virtually. 
Please see the Spring 2021 Student Showcase Program for more information about the presentations.
You can access the Spring Student Showcase site here:


Some ways you can participate in the Spring Student Showcase are:

1) Watch the Keynote Address given by Mr. Cameron Patterson, Executive Director of the Robert Russa Moton Museum at 9:45am on April 14.

2) Watch the Live Presentations listed on page 8 - 10 of the program on April 14.

3) View and comment on the Asynchronous Presentations. There also will be a live Q&A sessions throughout the day for the asynchronous presentations. The live Q&A session schedule is listed on page 5 of the program.

4) Participate in the BINGO activity that the Student Showcase committee organized. This activity encourages students to view and comment on a variety of presentations and the students can compete for prizes if they submit their completed BINGO form. More information about the BINGO activity is listed here:
From Wednesday April 14 – Wednesday April 21, the symposium website will only be accessible to Longwood affiliated students, faculty, and staff. A LancerNet ID will be required to access the presentations. Beginning on Thursday April 22, presentations will be accessible to the general public. 
We encourage you to view the presentations, ask questions, and comment on research and scholarly work from numerous students from all of Longwood's academic colleges. Many of the presentations are pre-recorded and can be accessed in the "Presentations" tab of the Spring Student Showcase event site. The live sessions can be found by clicking on the "Live Sessions" tab. These are Zoom sessions and will occur throughout the day on April 14. 
The oral and poster presentations are organized in random order on the event site, but you can search by student name, discipline, project type, class name, or key word. Each pre-recorded presentation is set up to allow you to leave questions and comments for the student presenters. Questions and comments are encouraged.
Please direct any inquiries about the Student Showcase to Amorette Barber ( or visit the Student Showcase website for more details about the event.