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CMM Summer Institute 2014 Photo taken during the 2014 Summer Institute Banquet

A Leadership Teaching Program

The Call Me MISTER program is a national teacher leadership program that not only prepares young men for a successful career as an elementary or secondary teacher, but also provides them with resources that will place them in a position to effectively impact the lives of children.

The Call Me MISTER program is contributing to the talent pool of excellent teachers by identifying and supporting young men who are literally "touching the future" by teaching children. This successful model seeks to reverse the lack of young men who are leaders, role models, and teachers in communities.


Who Are We? Longwood Call Me MISTER


Longwood’s “Suit Me Up” and Call Me MISTER Partnership

CMM at Joseph A Banks Longwood Call Me MISTER participants pose with Assistant Store Manager, Derek Lewis who provided interview and suit buying tips.

During the fall semester, a new project-based learning initiative was established through a partnership with  Joseph A. Banks Clothiers  and Longwood University’s Call Me MISTER program.  Richmond's West Broad Street location offered a special pricing package where donors could purchase a suit and give two suits to Call Me MISTER participants.  In some cases, donors purchased three suits for the students.   MISTER participants drafted their proposals and met with potential donors.

On November 15, MISTER participants and their donors rode the Longwood University bus to be fitted for their new suits.  Afterwards, they enjoyed lunch at Golden Corral.  The highly successful initiative will become an annual event.