At the center of every Longwood student’s experience are the vast array of traditions that touch everyone who walks onto campus. Some are centered around the two big weekends each year—Oktoberfest and Spring Weekend—but all are anticipated and cherished.


Shrouded in secrecy and dedicated to promoting the spirit of Longwood, CHI is the oldest service society on campus. Membership is a secret until seniors are revealed at each spring's CHI Burning.

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CHI walks are wonderful; there's a specific charge in the air that can't be replicated but it reflects the Longwood spirit to a tee.

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Princeps Crown

And another secret... society.

With its seven-pointed crown adorning campus sidewalks and stairways, the secret society Princeps is the protector and promoter of citizen leadership. Like members of CHI, Princeps members are revealed during their senior year.

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Vollyball + Mud = Oozeball

It's the muddiest, muckiest good time of all. A staple of Spring Weekend, Oozeball is an enormous volleyball tournament played in a mud pit—which sounds like everything college should be.

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Two traditions I am most excited about at Longwood are oozeball and color wars!!! LET ME BE A LANCER ALREADY

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Students playing Oozeball


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Students take a selfie after Color Wars battle

It's the Fight on the Field.

Clash of the Classes.

Terror on the Turf.

Whatever you call it, each fall during Oktoberfest thousands of students end up covered in paint, smiling from ear to ear. It's Color Wars, and the spirit is never stronger.

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When students graduate, they leave a piece of themselves on campus—four years spent growing academically and personally. Many of them have started leaving a physical reminder of that time—locks that will be here as long as they come back to their campus home.

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The new legacy locks tradition at Longwood is so cute and awesome, omg

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The Longwood community marching up to the Athletics Complex as part of The G.A.M.E.

You've got to get the scarf.

And the only way is to participate in the Greatest Athletics March Ever (G.A.M.E.), a walk through downtown spreading the Lancer Spirit along the way. Then don your scarf and cheer on the Lancers as they kick off the academic year with a win!

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Faculty serving breakfast at Late Night Breakfast


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An Exam Week Tradition

When weary students have spent hours studying for exams, they need one thing: breakfast. Doesn’t matter if it’s 10 p.m. (hint: it tastes better then anyway).

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Gonna miss the craziness of late night breakfast. Love #longwoodu

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Student gardening as part of the Big Event service project

Our students give back in a million ways throughout the year.

But the most visible time is the Big Event, a day of service that puts students, faculty and staff to work to better our community.

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It’s a moment unlike any other: students entering their senior years sit down as their underclassmen friends reveal elaborately decorated mortarboards and place them on the seniors’ heads.

It’s a colorful—and sometimes crazy—start to their final year at Longwood.

Students are capped at Convocation as part of a longstanding tradition.

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Students are capped during Convocation as part of a long-standing tradition


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