Founded in 1992, Princeps (pronounced “prin-KEPS”) is an honorary organization that serves to promote leadership in Longwood students, holding up the ideals of citizen leadership as a model for a well-rounded life.

It's considered good luck to step on the Princeps crown
It's considered good luck to step on the Princeps crown

Seven-Pointed Crown

The symbols of Princeps is a black seven-pointed crown and the number 7, which symbolize the key principles of leadership. Several black crowns are painted on sidewalks around campus, and it’s considered good luck to step on the symbols.

Paper Sevens

Each semester, students across campus wake to find paper sevens affixed to their doors--an outward sign by Princeps recognizing leadership in academics. Students on the dean’s list (3.5 GPA or higher) receive black sevens, while students on the president’s list (4.0 GPA or higher) receive red sevens.

Wooden Sevens

Occasionally, mysterious letters will be sent in the mail that contain only a riddle and an office number on campus. If recipients of these letters give the correct answer to the person waiting for them, they’ll be handed a large wooden seven--the highest honor Princeps bestows. Students often pass down wooden sevens to classmates before they graduate and leave campus.

Princeps Droppings

Princeps is famous for adorning its campus droppings--often a white cloth--with it’s motto “To Lead is To Serve.”