What could be better than singing and dancing the night away with a group of friends? Add in some friendly competition among Greek organizations, and you’ve got a Longwood tradition that rocks.


Longwood students dancing at GreenSync

The task: Team up with your Greek Week partners and mix in a few songs that fit the Greek Week assigned theme. Coordinate lyrics and dance moves for members of 3-4 Greek organizations. Hit the stage and prepare to do battle!

The reward: A chance to earn the most sought-after title of the spring semester: GreekSync Champions!


Longwood students dancing at LipSync

The task: Gather members of your Greek organization for Longwood’s version of LipSync Battle – a competition held each fall among 22 Greek organizations. Pick a song and choreograph some dance moves before taking the stage in Jarman Auditorium.  It’s your time to shine!

The reward: A Greek event filled with music, dancing and a lot of laughter!