You may think you’re back at home when you see the turkey and trimmings, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy—but this is Thanksgiving with your Longwood family.

Each year, Longwood students come together to celebrate this beloved fall tradition—complete with a scrumptious dessert that they can only get at this meal.

A Family Tradition

Most days in D-hall, students serve themselves, but for the Thanksgiving meal the tables are turned. Longwood staff members serve students, family style, a traditional autumn meal that is sure to be remembered. It’s a special time to recognize the energy, spirit and camaraderie that make our student body the best in the world, and to be thankful for a great start to the school year.

Students cuts the Baked Alaska while her fellow guests watch

The Lure of Baked Alaska

Part cake, part ice cream and covered in toasted meringue, baked Alaska is an unforgettable dessert that’s been served at Longwood Thanksgiving dinners for generations.

Baked Alaska served at Longwood's traditional Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Break

Most students head home for Thanksgiving break to spend time with their families and recharge for the final push to the end of the semester. Longwood’s traditional dinner falls on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, providing a double dose of togetherness and family!

Told my dad we had baked alaska with our Thanksgiving dinner at Longwood, and he told me that when he went here, they had that too.

@emmmilylauren on Twitter

The thing I'll miss most about @longwoodu will be the traditions...whether it's a CHI walk or Thanksgiving Dinner...they all are special.

@sip_of_sassy on Twitter