Longwood offers a variety of environmental and sustainability-related courses. 

Students have the option to study fields related to environmentalism, and sustainability. Courses vary from the sciences to sociology to ethics.

Courses offered at Longwood that strictly focus on environmental issues and change:

  • ENSC 101 Introduction to Integrated Environmental Science         
  • ENSC 201 Integrated Environmental Investigations
  • ENSC 340 Global Environmental Issues
  • ENSC 380 Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy
  • ENSC 401 Environmental Planning and Management
  • ENSC 402 Environmental Decision Making
  • ECON 301 Economic Development, Tourism, and Sustainability in Costa Rica (Study Abroad)
  • EASC 211 Environmental Geology
  • ECON 314 Environmental and Resource Economics
  • CHEM 372 Environmental Chemistry (Will Be offered again in Spring 2022)
  • EASC 354 Hydrology
  • EASC 355 Climatology
  • EASC 363 Physical Oceanography
  • HLTH 210 Global Health
  • RECR 420 Environmental Education Resources
  • EASC 212 Atmospheric Science

While the Integrated Environmental Science Major offers four concentrations, (Life science, physical science, earth science, and social science) anyone can pick up a minor in Environmental Studies.

Additionally, Longwood offers an Outdoor Education Minor that is also open to anyone to pick up.