The Recycling Center is located beside Printing Services, Graham Hall.

Accepted Recyclable Material 

Detailed List of Recyclable Material (PDF)

  • Paper
  • Plastics #1-7
  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper/Magazines

Material Not Accepted

Plastic Bags

The Recycling Center does not recycle plastic bags, because they can damage the machinery used to compact the plastic material.

Plastic bags deposited in the recycling bins will be thrown away. 

Food Lion and Walmart accept plastic bags for recycling.


Breakdown all cardboard boxes and leave them next to your trash receptacle or nearest recycling bin.

StyrofoamTM and Packing Material

We do not recycle StyrofoamTM or any type of packing material including StyrofoamTM, StyrofoamTMpeanuts, flexible packing foam, bubble wrap or air bags.  

Midtown Mailboxes accepts clean packing material for reuse.


We do not recycle hardback books or textbooks of any kind; state-owned hardback books or textbooks should be declared surplus.

The internet provides a multitude of outlets for recycling textbooks, such as the Freecycle Network or Books for Africa.

Check with your local library.

Recycling Bins

If the recycling bins in your area are full, put in a work order to have the containers emptied.

Specific Material, Specific Bins

Please do not place any other type of material in the recycling bin.

For example, please do not put cardboard in a recycling bin designated for plastic.

It does not all end up in the same location; each type of material (paper, plastics #1-7, cardboard, aluminum and newspaper/magazines) must be processed separately.


Please do not place trash in the recycling bins; this includes containers filled with tobacco spit, fast-food drink containers or any other item that would otherwise be considered trash.

Recyclable Material From Home

Please place all recyclable material brought from home in the designated recycling bins.