As we say goodbye to 2014, here are just a few (of the many) memorable social media posts from the Longwood community over the past year. Enjoy!

1. Happy birthday to us… from Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad!

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2. The Monster Dunk.

Twitter post:

…which, by the way, also made ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 Plays.

3. But first… Let me take a selfie.


4. When the Lancers shook it off.

5. Longwood Bound.

Posted on Vine by Baylee.

6. #LUTakeASelfie


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7. Is it true that bread always lands butter side down?

Posted on Vine by Caiti.

8. Two words: Valar Morghulis.

An essay by Longwood history professor Steven Isaac on a pivotal episode of “Game of Thrones” gained national attention.

HuffPost Article on Longwood Game of Thrones Essay

9. Forget Grumpy Cat.

Who needs Grumpy Cat when we have Dhall Cat? #Instafamous

Posted on Vine by Cristina Jones. Have you seen the Dhall Cat Instagram account?

10. Lancers of New York.

Congratulations to Ashlie ’13 and Tyler, who were featured on the popular photoblog Humans of New York in July.

Humans of New York: “We got engaged an hour ago. We were on a rooftop, and I told her I wanted to take a time lapse photo of her looking off the roof, then when she turned back around, boom.”“Were you nervous?”“I was more nervous when I had lunch with her parents to ask for permission. I couldn’t bring myself to ask, and actually had to call them back to the table after they’d gotten up to leave.

11. Another Epic Battle: Red vs Green.

12. Snowpeople of Longwood.


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13. #EXPECThappiness

14. #LancersShowLove

10 more inspiring #LancersShowLove stories were featured on the Longwood Facebook page. Missed them? See the Buzz

We miss any of your favorites?

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