The Office of Student Research (OSR) invites current undergraduate and graduate students to apply to be Student Research Mentors for the CITE Program. Student Research Mentors will receive a $3600 stipend (distributed in four installments during the 2019-20 year). Student Research Mentors teach CITE Program student participants fundamental research skills and act as readers for The Omnipedia Review, OSR’s online review journal. The CITE Program is a partnership between the Office of Student Research and the Office of Citizen Leadership and Social Justice Education (CLSJE).

The CITE Program. The CITE Program helps undergraduate students participants develop skills in note-taking, annotation and synthesis for research in the humanities. The program also helps improve confidence in undertaking research within and beyond courses.  Working in teams of two, student participants learn how to collaborate and produce scholarly writing for publication. Student Research Mentor Applicants do not need be in a humanities department to apply. The CITE Program has 10 slots for Student Research Mentors for the 2019-20 academic year.

To Apply. Students can find complete application and faculty recommendation on Inquiry, OSR’s website ( Please direct any questions to Dr. Crystal S. Anderson, Director, Office of Student Research (